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I hope that these ideas will help you focus some learning time with your children.

There will be a Topic to focus on each week.This learning should be very informal and most of all FUN.This week it will be the traditional story The 3 Bears. If you have this book please read it together if not, there are quite a few on Youtube; watch this together.
Your children are very empathetic towards others feelings; ask them how the 3 bears felt, how could they make them feel better? What do you think Goldilocks would say?

You could point out the 3 different sizes of the bears, using the language- Biggest, middle sized and smallest. You could also use any other items in the house to consolidate this language. Children love playing in water; put these items in water with bubbles and just listen to them copy the language that you were using. They could help you sort the laundry also using this langage.

Draw the outline of the bears, maybe the children could add their features? Search the internet for other ideas on this theme.

As the weather this week is going to be good, I suggest you all spend as much time outside as you can, remembering the social distancing advice of course. Go to the local woods and build dens together, climb trees, take buckets, bottles of water to make rivers, carrier bags to bring home all those 'treasures', take some paper and wax crayons to do some tree rubbings. Take some time to just stop everything and listen carefully to the sounds that are around you, you will be surprised how well your children listen. Have a picnic (your children could also help with making this). Look at the plants, flowers and insects. Most importantly, don't get lost!

Try and get a routine going in your household. It will reassure your children to know 'what is going to happen next'. Read a story each evening before bed and don't forget to sing all of those Nursery rhymes together. The awareness and use of rhyming is very important on their journey to learning to read.

If you have any questions, please email me on