The Trust is the admissions authority for the school, but delegates the process of dealing with admissions to the Local Authority who act as the “clearing house” for all applications for the normal round of admissions. Parents will be asked to complete a Common Application Form. Parents resident within Northamptonshire will be able to state up to 3 preferences on the CAF (Primary).  Parents resident outside Northamptonshire will need to complete the CAF for their home authority. They will be unable to apply using one of the Northamptonshire forms.

The LA acting as the ”clearing house” will write to all parents to whom offers can be made, notifying them of an offer of a place.

Further information is available on the Northamptonshire County Council Website.

Southfield Primary School's Admission Policies can be found by clicking on the link below

Admission Policy - Academic Year 2022-2023

If you have a child currently in school and are looking to move, you need to complete the Northamptonshire County Council 'In Year Transfer' form. This can be found by following the link below.

Northampstonshire County Council 'In Year Transfer'

Helpful dates

Application portals open on 8 September 2023
New application deadline for September 2024 admissions is midnight on 15 January 2024
National Offer Day  – 16 April 2024

Admissions Consultation 2023/2024

We are consulting on our admission arrangements for entry into the school in September 2024. We are consulting because we have not done so in the last 7 years. If you have any comments about the policy please send them to: Catherine Musgrove [email protected]

Admission Policy for Consultation 2023/2024