Adverse Weather

It is the aim of Southfield Primary School to ensure the school remains open during adverse weather conditions, whenever practically possible, providing this can be done in a safe manner that does not give rise to danger to users of the site. We aim to, wherever possible, make the decision to close the school before the school day commences rather than defer the decision and delay the opening of the school.  The decision to close will be made by the Headteacher, informed by our Premises Manager. 

If the decision to close has been made before the school day, announcements will be made via email, the school website, social media outlets and on local Radio stations from 7.15 a.m. or earlier if possible.

The school will make all practical efforts to keep parents informed as to the situation with the school during adverse weather conditions as we  appreciate that such conditions and the uncertainty, places considerable difficulties upon parents.

In the event of the school having to close during the school day due to adverse weather conditions (or for any other unforeseen circumstance), parents will be contacted via Email and text message and/or by telephone at home or work, and will be asked to collect their child/ren. In addition, and at the Headteacher’s discretion, staff living the furthest distance away may be allowed to leave with their colleagues asked to cover for them through to the end of the day, if children are still on-site. A closure of the school during the school day and an early release of staff will only be contemplated in very extreme circumstances.

Where the school remains open in snow or ice

When there has been snowfall or the school site is icy and the school remains open, access to the site for pedestrians will be restricted to the pedestrian gates.  Pedestrians entering the school site are advised to stay on the pathways which wherever practically possible will have been cleared and gritted.  We would recommend children come to school with suitable clothing, including wellington boots.