Southfield Primary School was last inspected in July 2019 when the school was judged to be inadequate. Since then a new leadership team have taken over the leadership and management of the school. We recognise there is much work to do but have a robust improvement plan in place which is already bringing about rapid improvement. You can view the report online here or by downloading the document at the bottom of the page. You can also read our new Chair of Governors response to the report below. 
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January 2022 - Ofsted Section 8 Monitoring Visit

We welcomed Ofsted to school for their regular section 8 monitoring visits on January 11th and 12th 2022. The inspectors were so impressed with the progress the school has made under Mr Green's leadership that they converted the section 8 monitoring visit into a section 5 full inspection and deemed the school to no longer require 'special measures', something we are all very proud of. We recognise there is still work to do but to have had 2 of the 5 inspection areas graded as 'Good' (the first the word 'Good' has been used on any inspection report from Ofsted at Southfield since 2010) shows we are well on the way to an overall 'Good' grading at the next full inspection. Ofsted will visit to inspect the school again within 2 years. 

July 2021 - Ofsted Section 8 Monitoring Visit 

Ofsted visited our school in July to complete the first in-person two day section 8 monitoring visit. We are very proud of the progress we have made as a school since Dr Kay and Mr Green took over in October 2019. Ofsted have recognised this progress and have concluded that 'leaders are taking effective action towards the removal of Special Measures.' The inspection team considered a vast range of evidence during their visit and have also concluded that:-

  • The Trust's statement of action is fit for purpose
  • The school's action plan is fit for purpose and,
  • Having considered the evidence, the inspectors are of the opinion that the school may appoint newly qualified teachers. 

You can read more about the outcome of the inspection below

February 2021 - Ofsted Section 8 Monitoring Visit February 2021 - Final Report

October 2020 - Parents Update Virtual Meeting 

New Chair of Governors Response to Ofsted report - September 2020

July 2019 Ofsted report

You can find a copy of the most recent report here