What our parents think

Parent of a child in Year 3

We are delighted that Southfield Primary Academy has been developing and improving under the new leadership of Mr Green and his team. His interest, enthusiasm and passion has given the school a new positive vibe.  
We would like to thank the school for all of their support during these challenging and unprecedented times. 
In our opinion, the school has exceeded expectations since the lockdown in March. When I wrote to the school for advice they provided support in a timely manner.  Lessons and work went online and there were very clear and detailed communications. What’s more, the story that Mr Green read online every afternoon was very popular and a good way to stay in touch and enjoy reading together.  
My son was very happy and excited to go back to school when it reopened to Reception with all the safety measures in place. The school did not say they could not do something it was “how are we going to make it happen?” To their credit, Southfield Primary Academy was the only school in Brackley and Northamptonshire as a whole, that opened to welcome back all year groups prior to the summer holidays.  
All in all we felt well looked after. Well done Southfields! 

Parent of a child in Reception

When Mr Green announced that Southfield would be re-opening for all year groups during Lockdown, my emotions were mixed. On one hand I was thrilled as I knew my son was missing his friends and the day to day routine of school and I was finding juggling work and trying to home-school him incredibly challenging. This had to weigh up against the obvious risk of contraction or spread of the virus. Mr Green and his team made a thorough risk assessment and put in place social distancing measures as advised by the government and were totally transparent in their actions. This served to put our minds at ease, knowing that they would be safe on their return to school. We really appreciated the efforts of the Southfield’s team and their actions had a huge positive impact on our family! 

Parent of a child in Year 2

When Mr Green took over the leadership of Southfields 12 months ago, his first action was to call aTown Hall Meeting to introduce himself to parents. In this meeting, the areas requiring improvement were identified clearly, as was the tried and tested process to fix them. This gave me immense confidence as a parent and was a distinct breath of fresh air. The communication was first class and the changes were immediate. 

During the lockdown period where the children were not allowed to come into school, Mr Green was very visible and made it a priority to stay in touch with pupils and parents whether or not it was through afternoon stories, on line assemblies or class video calls. These were all vital in terms of keeping a sense of normality in these difficult times and were immensely appreciated by us, as was the work tasks which were set on a daily basis. It was very clear the continued education of the pupils was an upmost priority however difficult the circumstances. 

Mr Green and his team worked incredibly hard to put in place a safe environment for a return to school ahead of the summer holidays. Again the communication was first class and was so beneficial for our son both from an educational sense and the ability to see his friends again ahead of the summer holidays. 

We have been very impressed with the turnaround in the direction of the school over the last 12 months, and have upmost confidence that this upward trajectory will continue under the guidance of Mr Green.