Wrap Around Care and Extended Services at Southfield

Southfield Primary School provide high quality childcare both before and after school for full time school children aged 4-11 and pre-school children aged 3-4. Our breakfast club runs from 8am until school begins and after school club runs until 5pm or 6pm depending on your childcare needs.

The clubs provide children with a comfortable transition both from and into the structured school day. Both are situated in our extended services area which also incorporates our large school hall. Children have access to our reception class outdoor play area where they can enjoy some fresh air and use the play equipment available. Extended services clubs give children the time to relax and enjoy themselves while still partaking in a variety of structured activities.

Southfield Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club opens at 8am. The entrance is via the blue door to the left at the bottom of the drive. Parents/carers are asked to ring the bell at the entrance. Children can have a varied healthy breakfast and are asked to arrive no later than 8.20am if they would like to eat. At 8.45am children are escorted by staff to their classrooms. 

Southfield After School Club

Children in reception and pre-school are taken to after club by their teachers, children in year 1 and 2 are collected from the year 1 classroom and children in years 3-6 are collected from the year 5 classroom. Children are given a snack at around 4.30pm to keep them going until dinner time. 


Parents/carers can choose whether to keep their child in after school club until 5pm or 6pm. Children can be collected at anytime up until the time they are booked in. Collection is from the blue door on the left at the bottom of the drive. Parents/carers are asked to ring the bell at the entrance.

All children must be signed out by their parent/carer or the person whose name appears on the registration form as a designated pick-up person*. 

*To ensure the safety of your child, please remember that all adults who are picking up your child are over 18 years of age, know your chosen password and bring photo identification if they do not normally pick up your children on a regular basis.

Late Collection

If you anticipate that you may be late collecting your child, please contact the ASC staff by ringing 07762 484584, the childcare mobile for Southfield Primary School. If you collect your child after the agreed time a late fee of £10 will be charged for every thirty minutes thereafter. If you are late more than 3 times in one term, the late fee of £10.00 will be charged. If a child has not been collected by 7pm and we have not been able to contact the parents/carers or emergency contacts, then social services will be contacted.


If your child is not going to be attending for any reason please contact the school office during school hours or leave a message on the club mobile 07762 484584. We would appreciate it if you could let us know by 8am on the day. 


To apply for a place for your child at either breakfast or after school club, please complete the extended services contract and data form which can be found at the bottom of this page, and hand it into Mrs Riley. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure any information on the data form is kept up to date. Please ensure that the people listed on the emergency contact form are contactable during the hours of 8am to 6pm. 

Parents have the option of choosing the days they would like childcare from one to five days per week. You must choose your options in advance and they will remain in place for the whole term. Changes to these days can be made but we do require 4 weeks’ notice for any changes and they must be submitted in writing. If you wish to add extra days this may be possible if spaces are available. You will need to complete an ‘additional session form’ or send your request in writing to [email protected]. If your work pattern means you cannot always determine your needs in advance, please speak to Mrs Riley.

Our clubs are also available for occasional use. If you think you may need to use our clubs in this way, please ensure you have completed a data form, and check in advance that there are spaces on the day you require childcare.

The safety and well-being of your child is paramount and frequent changes to their attendance with us creates a higher risk of miscommunication between parent/carers and the staff. We therefore require that these changes be kept to a minimum for the benefit of the children and staff.

Notice period

If there are going to be any changes to your child’s regular attendance or if you no longer need the place, please give the school one month’s notice in writing. This notice period will still be chargeable.

Fees and Payments

Our fees are as follows:

Club Session Fee
Breakfast Club 8am – 8.55am £5.00
After School Club 3.30pm – 5pm £8.00
After School Club 3.30pm – 6pm £12.00

You will be charged a half term in advance. All payments are required in full and are non-refundable. Payments are made via School Money. You will be sent a link via text and email during the last two weeks of term for the following term. Payments can also be made via childcare vouchers. Payment must be made by the first day of term at the latest. Any late payments will incur a £10 late fee and may result in your child‘s place being withdrawn.

Please note: All payments are for your child’s place and not on the basis of a child’s attendance. Our staff to child ratios, programme supplies, activities and snacks all need to be planned in advance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each child who attends. In exceptional circumstances where a child is unable to attend for reasons beyond your control, refunds may be considered. Refunds will be made via a credit on your School Money account and deducted from your next booking.

Occasional bookings must be paid before your child attends the club. 

Our Staff

Our clubs are managed by knowledgeable and caring staff who work within our school. They have lots of experience to provide the safe and supportive environment they experience during their school day. Our staff are vetted and trained to ensure the highest quality possible. They are great role models who help children to develop social and life skills. We try to keep our staff team consistent to provide a more stable environment for the children. Staff to child ratio is 1:8 for children of five years of age and under.

Illness, Injury and Medications

If your child becomes ill while in our care, we will contact you and ask that they be collected. You will be notified immediately if your child sustains a significant injury. If immediate medical assistance is deemed necessary we will contact the appropriate medical personnel and then contact you immediately. If your child suffers from a scrape or a small cut we will make you aware of it when you come to pick up your child at the end of the day. Any child who requires medication during their time at either club must have the medication in the original bottle or container that is labelled as to what the medication is and its expiry date as well as the amount to be taken and how often. We can only give your child medication which has been prescribed by a doctor. All medications must be brought to the School Office only and parents will also be asked to fill out a medication form regarding its administration. 

What Should My Child Bring Each Day? 

An extra set of clothes in case of accidents or if you would like them to change out of their school uniforms. As the weather changes ensure your child has layers of clothing (jackets, jumpers, etc.) A hat and sun cream for sunny days. Children must be able to apply the sun cream themselves. Rainwear for rainy days. 

What Should My Child NOT Bring? 

Mobile phones, electronic gaming equipment, ipods or MP3 players, money, or toys from home, as they get lost, broken and fought over; anything valuable or precious to them. Please label everything. We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to clothing or belongings.

Behaviour Policy

We follow our school Behaviour Policy at all times. A copy of this can be found on the policy page.


Arts and Crafts                                            Science Discovery

Sports and Outdoor Games                     Creative Cooking

Computer Games                                       Clever Challenges

Book Corner                                                 Free Play


We strive to provide a variety of simultaneous activities and offer children the freedom to choose activities that personally interest them. Our clubs mix structured activities with lots of free play time to give children opportunities to try new things. 


As a part of looking after the wellbeing of all of the children, we provide healthy, balanced food. Children can have a nutritious breakfast to start the day at breakfast club. Breakfast includes a choice of cereals, toast and fruit and is available from 8am to 8.25am. A drink of water or milk is also provided. At no extra cost we provide a nutritious light snack at around 4.30pm every day at after school club. These include toast, wraps, yoghurt and fruit. A drink of water is also provided. Please be sure to note any dietary needs of your child on the data form. 

Parent Involvement 

Parents of enrolled children are invited to visit the club at any time. To provide the best care for your child it is vital for schools and parents to work together. 

Extended Services Parent Contract Download - this document opens in Microsoft Word